Tree Trimming & Limb Removal

Tree trimming isn't the same as getting a haircut. When it comes to trimming and tree limb removal, it's important to know what you're doing. When you get a bad haircut, you just wait until it grows again and start over. The same is not true for a tree.

Solar Power, Perfected

A tree is nature's perfect solar collection system. The leaves are like solar panels that convert sunlight and carbon dioxide to sugars and starches that provide the energy needed to power the tree. When trimming, it's important to leave enough leafy growth on the tree so that there is sufficient sap flow to heal the pruning cuts. The sap that flows out of the cuts will chemically change into a decay-resistant compound that allows the tree to compartmentalize the wound and form a coating to completely stop the rot from reaching the core of the tree.

In most cases, it's not a good idea to remove more than 25% of the leafy growth of a tree at one time. However, most customers can't afford yearly maintenance, and they want as much done as possible when we are working.

Another Option

Because sunlight is vital for sugar production, it is true that inside branches that are shaded from the sun are not contributing that much to sugar production. It is always better to thin out a tree from top to the bottom and selectively remove a few large limbs hanging over the home than just hacking of all the branches nearest to the home.

To stop mold or damp conditions invading the home, this top to bottom thinning and selective large limb cutting will allow much more leafy growth to be removed from the tree than the close to the house hack method. It will allow much more sunlight to pass through the tree and is always your best option to protect your home and preserve the beauty and health of your trees.

Proper Tree Care

There are many other elements that affect how a tree responds to trimming, such as excessive sunlight exposure to punning cuts that will cause sucker growth at the cut or prevent a proper healing of the wound. Any tree will be healthier with several lighter trimmings rather than one heavy one. A heavy trim can cause what is referred to as a witch's broom on a cut off stub and cause sucker growth all over the tree to manifest. If a terminal end is not left on the branch, the sap flow out to the cut off stub will also cause witches' brooms. This is the reason that we don't top trees. Once the witch's broom condition has started, there is nothing that can be done to reverse it. The tree will always have the look of jagged suckers sticking out all over.

Working with a professional is generally your best value over the long run. Rely on Stump Busters Tree Services for professional tree care. If you have any questions about the trees in your yard just call Woody at 203-CUT-TREE (288-8733) for a free tree analysis.

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