Our Founder

Our tree maintenance and stump removal service was founded in 1985 by Woodward Harding, the creator of the revolutionary PLOWRAKE. His work ethic and dedication set the standard for our work to this work. Woodward began by earning an arborist degree for his love of trees before taking the knowledge to build Stump Busters Tree Services, guided by a love for the environment and for helping others understand the importance of tree maintenance. From there, he took his skills in leadership positions to further expand the company's capabilities into the PLOWRAKE era of site work.

A Growing Business

As the business grew, so did the respect and trust Woodward earned from our clients. Today, he still leads Stump Busters Tree Services to new levels of success by adding new areas of specialization and expanding the company's depth in our more established specialties. The company has consistently grown in expertise, size, capacity, equipment, facilities, and client. Since 1985 one thing has always remained the same - our dedication to innovation, excellence, quality, safety, and customer service.

Woodward Harding still personally supervises the careful removal of undesirable trees and stumps, trimming up beautiful specimen trees on your property, and removing stumps before re-grassing the area.