Landscaping Tools

Everything that has ever been invented was created to fill a need. Imagine a large tool that has some of the function of a human hand. The PLOWRAKE™ landscaping tool is such a tool. Imagine working in the garden, and you thrust your open hand palm up into the soil and push up a small pile of dirt. Now imagine curling your fingers over that pile until your fingernails are in the front of the dirt pile, then clawing the ground and pulling back the captured dirt and raking back the dirt with your fingers, releasing the dirt as you fill in holes and level the grade. The PLOWRAKE is a tool with similar functions of the human hand. The plow is the palm and the fingers are the tines.

Revolutionizing Landscaping

Those of us who've worked to develop the PLOWRAKE know this "Tool of the Future" will revolutionize the landscaping and snow removal industry. After three years of field testing, we know the PLOWRAKE performs well in a variety of conditions and does not break, even under unexpected uses. This tool is simple, easily maintained, and very affordable. We challenge you to put the PLOWRAKE to the test and evaluate its unparalleled abilities for yourself. Once you've discovered what the PLOWRAKE can do, how well it functions in a multitude of conditions and tasks, you will want to be involved with this amazing product's manufacturing and deployment into the marketplace.

All About the PLOWRAKE

Woodward Harding has been granted two patents for a landscaping tool that combines a plow blade and hydraulically-controlled horizontal pivoting rake tines allowing for quick, efficient, cost-effective plowing and raking of materials such as soil, gravel, wood chips and snow. The PLOWRAKE has a robust overall design that is meant for heavy use and features a patented self-cleaning hinge mechanism which expels rather than binds foreign materials within the hinge. This patent hinge design assures continuous and unhindered use regardless of what material is being worked.

The PLOWRAKE can be attached to pickup trucks, tractors and, skip loaders enabling landscapers, road construction personnel, farmers, and others who work with aggregate materials to complete tasks with forward-backward motions producing high-quality grading results with less time and effort than with conventional plows. This significant time savings (40% or more) equates to increased profit generation in commercial applications and substantial labor savings in private use. The PLOWRAKE eliminates the need for awkward, inefficient, and time-consuming back-blading.

Mr. Harding has enlisted the Kessler Corporation of Freemont, Ohio in assisting with the marketing of the PLOWRAKE™ to manufacturing firms interested in licensing, production, and sales agreements worldwide. The market for plows and rake devices will exceed 40,000 units in 2006. Even a very modest penetration of the PLOWRAKE™ could result in a large number of units being sold. In addition, there is an equally large or larger market opportunity to retrofit existing tractors, bulldozers, and truck plows with a PLOWRAKE.

Features and Benefit

The PLOWRAKE is revolutionary in its design and serves as a platform for a broad range of uses. The PLOWRAKE does much more than a standard plow. It's durable with robust design features and has a broad application range and can easily be mounted on pickup trucks, excavators, tractors, and bulldozers with no special tools.

What Makes the PLOWRAKE Superior To an Ordinary Plow?

  • One Tool Works In Forward & Reverse Saving Labor, Time, & Money
  • The Ability To Rake, Grade, & Move Material With Precision Control
  • Rakes Within an Inch Of Foundations, Fences, Garage Doors, & Obstacles
  • Offers Options Of Solid Upper Blade With Extensions & Tine Rakes
  • Rakes Equally Well With Snow, Dirt, & Gravel In Challenging Conditions

Simplify Landscaping

Not only does the PLOWRAKE's evolutionary horizontally forward-rotating design outperform plows in all traditional uses, it completes tasks a simple plow is not expected to accomplish. The PLOWRAKE's added versatility will be a strong incentive for current plow users and a new generation of consumers to switch to a PLOWRAKE.

The PLOWRAKE's rotating blade design allows for easy, efficient raking, moving, and grading of a wide range of materials in reverse while conventional plows are only meant to work in a forward, pushing motion. The PLOWRAKE offers the ability to work in two directions without hindering the normal plow action. This one revolutionary landscaping plow saves time, reduces labor costs, and makes money in commercial uses. The PLOWRAKE is a cost-effective tool, and it is estimated that landscaping tasks can be accomplished with 40% less labor and machine time. This benefit allows for much better resource utilization by the landscaper with a return on your investment of fewer than 3 months with typical use of the PLOWRAKE™.

Development Status

The PLOWRAKE concept has gone through several evolutions and now has reached the stage of an advanced prototype that is suitable for field demonstration. Videotapes and DVDs of the PLOWRAKE in operation are available. Since the device is considered to be evolutionary and innovative, patents have been granted to broadly cover the concept. It is estimated at this time, that the manufacture of the PLOWRAKE will have a cost approaching a conventional plow as volumes increase.