The Easy Money Grinding Stumps.

Just back the machine up to that stump and grind off the exposed above grade part of the stump and you are done. There are many reasons why this surface grind is the big money maker. No rocks are going to break the carbide teeth, the small number of chips generated are easy to clean up, and this is fast money. The grinding area is much smaller and its "Good Enough."

I have used many adjectives to describe this standard stump grinding. Volcano effect, cratering, tabletop four inches below the ground, grinding the hub of the wheel but leave the spokes, if I was the captain of the Titanic... there is more to that iceberg that you see on the surface, but the bottom line is an unworkable area. The persistent irritation of a problem lawn every year will make you realize that cheap job was not the best value.

How Stump Busters Tree Services Removes a Stump

I do the stumps myself, pulverize the stumps better than one foot below grade when possible, and chase out the roots three times larger than the stump itself if space permits. I chase out the roots to achieve a perfect grade.

The one foot below grade that I describe is not the raised grade at the stump root flare but is the grade of the yard level three feet from the stump. The industry standard stump grinding job is to grind the exposed part of the stump four inches below grade . This sort of job I have never done in twenty years unless they order it up special.

During this process I hog out the dirt and smaller roots in front of the stump and fan out on both sides of the stump before grinding the hub of the stump itself. The spreading root flares when "roto- tilled " is mostly dirt that I rake out the root debris and reclaim to fill in the hole later.

Then I pulverize the "so to speak "the hub of the "wooden wagon wheel" This is where the huge amount of wood chips are generated.

I stop the grinding when the hub of the stump is done, pull the machine out of the way, remove the huge amount of the chips generated and then grind out the spreading root flare on the back side of the stump. This is all done to the separate the bulk of the wood chips out of the work area.

Because the stump of trees such as these have no tap root when I grind my objective is to totally annihilate the stump until there is no resistance and nothing solid remains of it.

Once this is done there is a huge mess of piled up soil and loose roots spread over a large area. At this point I bring in the plowrake {as shown in video} and grade out the whole area. Then I hand rake out and pull out loose roots and debris and take away all debris , cover with topsoil if needed and seed.

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