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Tree Biology with Arborist Dr. Shigo

STUMPBUSTER LLC is a dedicated tree care company that uses the knowledge of tree biology provided by countless arborists to ensure we leave behind healthy trees. We work hard to ensure that every jobsite is safe and that your trees will continue to thrive despite the removal of branches and limbs. One of the most influential arborists, Dr. Alex L. Shigo, is cited here.

Forest with Light Shining Through

Compartmentalization of Decay in Trees (1977)

For many years, there have been people working in the forestry field that are knowledgeable about tree biology and tree wounding. However, before Alex L. Shigo began his study of trees, very little information about the biology of trees was available to the general public.

Many arborists would agree that Dr. Shigo has brought the studies of tree biology to a much higher level than any other scientist working in the field. Anyone who has ever loved trees can enjoy the illustrations and prose that he left us and learn from the teachings of Dr. Shigo. Because of Dr. Shigo's work, many more people will understand how a tree grows and learn how to care for trees better, and hopefully respect the utility and beauty that trees bring to our lives.

In Tribute To Dr. Alex L. Shigo
May 8, 1930 - October 6, 2006